Thoughts from the first 7

There are both public and private organizations that conduct foster training and each one is slightly different. We’re going through our local city both for training and where we will receive children from (some people will get the training from one place and support another city). In our city, it’s 27 hours on in-service training, 3 home visits, and LOTS of paperwork. We completed the first 7 hours this past Saturday.

We had so many thoughts, comments, concerns, questions, etc after the first session. Here are some of our top ones.

  1. Yes, we’re going back to training this coming weekend. We were bombarded with tons of information, scary stories and lots of “you can’ts” but they haven’t scared us away just yet.
  2. Why don’t new birth parents receive this kind of training? Seriously, we spent hours discussing and reviewing information about how a child’s brain develops, nature versus nurture, and attachment issues. The whole time I kept thinking that through two pregnancies, no doctor or class ever taught me these things. We’re the “bonus parents” and we know more…that doesn’t seem right.
  3. These stats are disgusting! There were at least 5 stats shared that made me sick to my stomach. Why aren’t more people opening their homes to help those in need?? After all, it’s not the child’s fault that they’re in need.
  4. We have a lot of preparations to make. Everything from a bed and dresser for each child, to talking with references (we need 3 EACH!), back up plans for days of school suspension and specially qualified babysitters. The lists are growing!
  5. Will we get a placement before school starts? Because we’re open to all age groups and siblings, we’ll likely get a placement sooner than others that are looking for just babies.

So now…we discuss our back up plans, talk with potential references, create an Amazon wish list of things we’ll need to purchase (I’ll write about that at a later date), do our homework (yes, we have homework) and pray.

This coming Saturday will be 7 more hours with training on becoming mandated reporters. Should be…overwhelming! But would you expect anything less?

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