Recap of our 2nd day of training

This past Saturday went by so quickly! The day was busy!

We got our packet of paperwork and list of documents needed to be certified. We need to not only answer a bunch of questions about our own upbringings and how we raise our own kids; but also prove our income and ability to pay our own bills, provide proof of our dog’s shot records, get fingerprinted and get physicals and TB tests.

Our initial home visit should be scheduled this week. We’ll be able to ask questions and answer the workers questions. They’ll also tell us if we need to do anything to the house to meet their standards. We’re expecting things like gates for younger children, outlet covers, etc. Nothing major.

Questions during our training often come in the form of examples. “Let’s say we have a 16 year old that has __ history, he does __, how do we go about handling that according to the rules?” To which the most frequent answers are in the form of examples of cases the workers have experienced themselves. The case workers have been very direct with us about some of the most awful and scary situations. They’ve also shared some of the saddest cases where the foster family just doesn’t care of the child as they should. There was a case shared with us last week where out of the 3 families at our table, all 3 of us wanted to take the kid described. It still blows my mind that people aren’t treating some of these kids as their own. They don’t break the rules for no reason or just to be jerks. They’re hurt and have been dealt cards that just plain suck. Don’t blame them and punish them for the live they’ve been handed.

Last night, I was told of a mutual friend that received a call about a kid in need. The 2 year old was at a local children’s hospital getting castS. When the cops responded to a domestic call, the kid was found covered in bruises and multiple broken bones. I don’t understand how people can do this to a child.

If nothing else has happened since we’ve begun training, I’m more encouraged that we’re on the right path. And I’m becoming more convinced that we’re going to need a bigger house before we know it.

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