My hand hurts

The partner with the better handwriting is often times elected as the paperwork filler-outer. That spouse is me.
So when we received our packet last week I got to writing.
Filling in birthdays, addresses, checking the boxes, making selections, etc.
Along with our information, we also had to obtain our DMV driving records and bring copies of our marriage certificate, divorce decrees and even the dog's records!
The one item that takes the longest but are two of the most important are the state and federal background checks…for these, we had to be fingerprinted. (My first time!!) so off to work he police station we went!
We've turned in these forms to our assigned social worker and will begin waiting the standard 6-8 weeks. Thank God the military has trained us to "Hurry up and wait!"
In the meantime, we've scheduled our first home visit! Monday the boys get their TB tests (hopefully just screenings) and our social worker, Ms. S, comes to visit.

Today's class wrapped up early but covered so much! (As with all other training sessions) We even got a little practical with some reading material on how to handle African American hair! (The things you don't think about!)

We have training again on Thursday evening, just 3 hours this time. And then training is over!

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