Milestone numero 1

Tonight we will complete one of the most daunting and emotionally agonizing steps towards fostering. Training will conclude after 27 hours of data vomit and awful examples of what fostering will be like. We still have a number of other pieces to the puzzle before kids will enter our home, but this is the first second major milestone of the process. The first was the decision…not LeBron’s but the one that took us years to come to. Bringing kids into our home will be inconvenient, time consuming, loud, likely aggressive, emotional and demanding. But that’s how we’ll feel…and it’s not about us. These kids have nothing and will come to us broken and scorned. They will hate us and fight us and hurt our feelings…and one day, one day it will click. That we aren’t going to abandon them or neglect them and that they are worth all of it. Giving a child some hope and teaching them to love and respect themselves is so easy…when it’s your own kids. But…if “it takes a village” then why doesn’t the village step up when there is a child in need? That’s what we’re doing…or trying and hoping to do.
It’s not a life many can agree to…but every helping hand is a part of the solution. Every meal, every bag of hand me down clothes and toys, every hour of babysitting, every hand to hold and shoulder to cry on and every prayer is a huge help.
That is The Village.

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