“Get it together, or else!”

—That quote has been rephrased slightly for less crass individuals. But you get the general idea.—

Home Visits – 2 down, 1 to go! I think our second home visit went well. At least, our case worker said we answered all of her questions, in detail. I’m sure we provided her with way more than she needed, but the 4 pages of notes she took will help her explain who we are and why we’re a good family for this to her Chief. The key is transparency, not perfection. We can’t be held responsible for our families and the stuff we’ve been through. We can only grow from it and use those experiences in our relationships and how we parent our children.

Fingerprints – Still in progress but no concerns.

Home Study Report – Our case worker is working on putting the report together with all the information she’s learned about us. This will be presented to the Chief who then gives the final approval.

Certification – Prior to certification, the following must be completed.

  • Bedroom ready – bed(s), mattress(es), bedding, dresser(s)
  • Fingerprints
  • Home Study Report
  • Home safety measures implemented

This weekend we purchased, picked up, and put together some super study bunk beds. The mattresses, mattress pads (you can never be too careful!), and bedding are on their way.

Though receiving a placement(s) could take days, weeks or months, it could also take just hours. With clean fingerprints, a Chief approved Home Study Report, and an approved room for foster kiddos, we could be receiving placement the same day.

In the interest of minimal impact to the kiddos, we want to be ready so that when certification comes, we won’t be making them wait.

“Ready” doesn’t just mean the room…how does someone prepare emotionally? Prayer. Building our support network. Being transparent. Talking to our kids. And more prayer.

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