Updates on all the things

It’s been a little while, but for good reason. Not the reason you were hoping…but other good reasons.
School has started for our bio-kiddos. Soccer is in full swing. We’ve both been slammed with work including preparing for a transfer to a local (yes, we’re staying put!) ship…woohoo sea duty!
Oh, you were hoping for foster care updates. My bad!
We have a room, we’re affectionately referring to as “the foster room”. It will be renamed when a kiddo reside in it. For the time being though, it has a twin over full bunk bed, dresser, bookshelf and a few little things. The room and our home safety measures have been approved by our social worker. We’ve provided all of our forms and answered all of her questions. Our finger prints and background checks have come back clean (duh!). The only thing left is her submission of our packet to her chain of command for review and approval. That review/approval process could be quick (a matter of days) or take weeks. We aren’t the only ones going through the process right now. We’re just the first ones that completed everything we’ve been asked to do. (Only a little bit of an over-achiever)
So in the meantime…what do we do? We go on as usual. Once we’re completely certified, we’ll be entered into a system as “open” and we could receive a placement within minutes or wait days, weeks, months, or even years. (We know a family that waited for 2 years!)
Because our preference of a child’s age is so wide, 3-21 but if there are siblings we’ll take under 3 yrs old, we could see a placement sooner than others might.
It won’t be just about the age though. Our city agency works really hard at matching kiddos with families that will be a good fit. So who knows…for now, we pray, remain prepared and go about living.

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