And now we wait…

I mean honestly, that is where we have been for a few weeks now. If anything, my time in the military has prepared me for this singular nuance of the process. As we began this process six months ago, things moved quickly, almost at a blazing pace. There were deadlines for registration, prerequisites, and classwork. There were medical visits, forms to complete, and hoops to jump through. Each task prefaced as being the remaining barrier to our next step. Each step prefaced by the promise of expedited attention by the supervisor if we were the first to submit a form or task. Hindsight being 20/20, it all sounds very much like “hurry up and wait” which is the unofficial motto of the U.S. Military.

So, where are we? Everything that we can do is completed. Our forms filled out, the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. Shots and physicals administered, and required classes completed. Now we wait to hear from our caseworker. In the interim, every plan we make and every opportunity we’re presented with works its way into our calendar with zero certainty of our ability to follow through. The best we can do is wait, and so we eagerly traipse through our days and weeks waiting for the phone to ring so we can start this journey in earnest. I know that waiting will eventually pale in comparison to the challenges and obstacles that we will face during the process of opening our home to children who have never seen the love we’re about to shower them with but until we get there, waiting is what we know. To be frank, waiting sucks.

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