“Double your pleasure…double your fun!” — Wrigley Gum

Our first experience with foster care has been double the fun! A very positive experience…especially because we began to question our decision.

Our worker contacted me on Tuesday of last week and asked if we’d be open to providing respite care for two sixteen year old girls from Thursday through Tuesday. TWO?!!!?! Smack dab in the middle of the teenage years!! This could be a horrible decision…but we said yes because it’s not about us…it’s about them!

So we brought Rapunzel and Merida home from school and Dylan showed them their room. They have been a dream!! They are respectful and polite and have enjoyed my cooking! And even though their room looks like a war zone…they have been awesome and we’re sad they’ll be leaving us tomorrow.

This was exactly the reminder that we needed at exactly the right time. Not everything is within our control, we can only choose how we respond to the things that come our way. God knows exactly what we can handle and who to put in our lives. Stay the course, it will make sense in the end. And if it doesn’t…it’s not over!


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