About Us

We are the Picklo’s! We’re a small, blended family of Mom, Dad, DJ, Hop and Claude (the dog). While pregnant with Hop we discussed whether this would be it or we’d add to our family. With a difficult pregnancy and reassurance with a difficult first year which included a cleft palate surgery, speech therapy, 90% hearing loss, and tubes, we elected to remain just the 4 of us. Over the last two years, however, we’ve felt a weight growing on our hearts. Mom and Dad, and even DJ, have developed a strong desire to give back, love others, and support those that don’t have the support they deserve. We have felt the calling to be a foster family to our local community. We know that this will not be a small undertaking, in fact it’s already become quiet the task! But we’re more than excited to expand our family through the love and support of Serving Up Hope…one child at a time!